The Bilateral Chambers of Commerce.

The International Chambers of Commerce are made up of 15 bilateral chambers. Each chamber operates independently, with its own board and operations. The International Chambers of Commerce functions as a forum for co-operation, networking and support for its member chambers.

The goal of The International Chambers of Commerce is to strengthen and maintain business relations between Iceland and the partner country, along with supporting bilateral co-operation and commerce between businesses in both countries. Furthermore, it is our goal to strengthen relations in the fields of education, culture, business and politics.

In accordance to the chamber's goals its operations are the following:

  • Organize meetings and conferences concerning common issues between the two Countries.
  • Organize visits between members in the business sectors of both countries.
  • Safeguard its member's business interests in relations to authorities in both countries.
  • Provide direct services in accordance with agreements of each chamber's board to their members, i.e. provide information on business liaisons, assist with forming business relations between companies and inform on business matters in both countries.


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