The German Icelandic Chamber has started selling tickets for their Spargelabend on the 30th of april
The German-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the Spargelzeit on the 30th of april 2024. The event will be held at Nauthóll Restaurant and is exclusive to members of the GICC. 
The evening will start at 18:00 with cocktails followed by a three-course asparagus dinner exclusively created for the Chamber by the chefs at Nauthóll restaurant.
Well-known Icelandic entertainers, such as Helga Braga, Helgi Björnsson and a DJ Marino will perform and bring a festive atmosphere to the evening.
Pre-registration for the event is completed and there are only a few tables remaining. Reservations are made for a whole table only (each table sits 12 people)
For reserving a table register by clicking here or by contacting Kristín Arna Bragadóttir (


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