IACC and GLÍS held a large meeting on mining in Greenland
On Tuesday, February 9, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce and the Greenland-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce held a lunch meeting on mining in Greenland in Borgartún 35. Eldur Ólafsson, CEO of Amaroq Minerals, talked about the strategy and journey of Amaroq and the company's mining operations in several locations in Greenland. The moderator was Heiðar Guðjónsson, chairman of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce.Amaroq Minerals is considered by many to have demonstrated a rare success in mining. At the meeting, i.a. discussed Amaroq's journey, the importance of mining in Greenland and the reasons for the demand for rare metals. The meeting was well attended and at the end of the meeting, Eldur answered the questions of the meeting guests.

More photos from the event can be seen on the Facebook pages of IACC and GLÍS or by clicking here.

The presentation held by mr. Ólafsson can be accessed here

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