FRIS: French chapter organized a visit to Sophia Antipolis with Business Iceland delegation














In March, the French Chapter of the French-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce organized a visit to the Sophia Antipolis Foundation with 25 delegates from Business Iceland (Islandstofa), Mrs. Eliza Reid, the first lady of Iceland, and Unnur Orradottir Ramette Iceland’s Ambassador to France. The delegation was welcomed by Philippe Mariani, CEO of the site, and his team. The purpose of the visit was to investigate a long-term bilateral collaboration.

Sophia Antipolis is Europe's first and largest technology park, with 41,000 engineers from all over the world working together in their respective international companies to develop future digital applications and products.

Unnur concluded the visit by saying "ég vissi aðeins um Sophia Antipolis en ég hafði ekki hugmynd um öll tækifærin á samstarfi eða hreinlega tækifærum til að setja upp íslensk fyrirtæki í Sophia, möguleikunum, fjárhagslegum möguleikum svo eitthvað sé nefnt".

Given the success of this visit, FRIS will renew this discovery and team-building initiative at Sophia Antipolis. On June 4, participants will meet Sophia Antipolis' general management and several internationally renowned residents. On June 5, the delegation will discover Monaco and its economic organizations and foundation.

Sophia Antipolis wants to sign a framework agreement with Iceland to increase cross-fertilization between highly digital organizations.

Mrs. Eliza Reid, author, entrepreneur and First Lady and Business Iceland (Islandstofa) supports this initiative.

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