JAIS now accepting applications for a travel fund for a working holiday in Japan


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Announcement / Application instructions:

Travel fund for working holidays in Japan and Iceland (Working holiday visa)

In connection with the agreement between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan on the working stay of young people in Japan and Iceland, a travel fund was established by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Iceland and the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in Japan to enable young people (aged 18-26) to stay in each other's country for the purpose of getting to know the country, working life and its culture, for a limited time. With the agreement, young Icelanders/Japanese who intend to stay in Japan for a limited period of up to one year without further permits can participate in paid work during their stay in Iceland/Japan. The content of the agreement stipulates that individuals can work in Japan during extended vacations in a field that does not violate laws and regulations. The aforementioned authorizations for working in Japan or Iceland are not suitable either for those who plan to take up a full-time job or for those who intend to study in Iceland/ Japan.

The travel fund provides grants to young people who take advantage of the agreement for travel expenses, i.e. air fares according to the allocation rules of the fund. Permits to work in Japan or Iceland for one year from the date of issue will be issued to persons who meet the conditions detailed here below (which are detailed on the website of the Embassy of Japan in Iceland).

Icelandic citizens who are interested in applying for a residence permit in Japan on the basis of the agreement must meet the following conditions:

- An Icelandic citizen with permanent residence in Iceland

- Aim primarily to stay in Japan for recreational purposes, and for a maximum of one year

- Be between the ages of 18 and 26 years old when the application is submitted

- Going by themselves, i.e. without anyone dependent on the applicant, unless the same person also has the same type of residence permit

- Have a valid passport and have sufficient funds to support themselves during their initial stay

- Intends to leave Japan at the end of his stay

- Have not previously been issued a residence permit for a work stay

- Be in good health and have a clean criminal record

- Have valid health insurance

  Those interested in applying for the travel grant shall submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of a Valid passport
  2. Photograph, less than 6 months old
  3. Application Form (From 1 download) (English)
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV) (English)
  5. A detailed explanation of the reasons for the application as well as a description of length of stay and planned activities (1 Page essay in English)
  6. Additional documents or interviews may be among the things requested if the Chambers deem it necessary.

Permits to Work and Stay may be issued to up to 6 people per year (subject to change). Once the limit has been reached, the reception of such applications will be closed. The permit is free of charge for applicants.

Applications are to be submitted to Stella Stefansdottir stella@chamber.is

Applications must be submitted by June 1st 2024.


For further information about working visa: https://www.is.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/working_h.html

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