The Danish-Icelandic Chamber´’s lunch event on February 28

The Danish-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a lunch event Wednesday February 28 between 12-13:30 in Mathús Garðabæjar.

Recently, there was a change of power in Denmark when Queen Margrét Þórhildur decided to step aside and relinquish the crown to her son, Friðrik, over half a century after she was crowned as queen. Margrét is, in the opinion of many, a colourful personality, and Bogi Ágústsson, news anchor and a reporter, will review her career at this significant turning point as well as reflecting on whether it is likely that changes are afoot and the possible impact of the change of power on politics in Denmark.

Mathúsið has put together an exciting menu for the Danish-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce and offers guests a trio of smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches) with shrimp & eggs, paté & beetroot, and plaice & remoulade. For dessert they will serve a home-made marzipan apple cake with ice cream.

The price per person is ISK 7500, which is paid at the restaurant, and it is necessary to register participation by February 20 by clicking here. Or by clicking on the following link:

Please note that a limited number of guests can attend this event and that registration is binding after February 20th.