The United States: “The land of opportunities in the fishing industry”

Afternoon meeting hosted by AMÍS and SFS Thursday, October 12

Landsbankinn's headquarters

Between 16:00-18:00.

The American-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce and Fisheries Iceland together with Landsbankinn will host a meeting in the

hall at the Landsbanki headquarters on October 12.

The main speaker of the meeting will be Einar Gustafsson, CEO of American Seafoods, who will talk about fishing, processing and markets in the seafood industry in the United States. Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, Director, Exports and Investments at Business Iceland, will also present the talk: "How American consumers look at Iceland and Icelandic seafood". Finally, Laufey Rún Ketilsdóttir, SFS's Press Officer and moderator of the meeting, will lead a panel where speakers will sit for answers. The meeting starts at 16:00. Please register for the meeting by clicking going on the AMÍS Facebook page.

American-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

House of Business

Borgartún 35, 5th floor

105 Reykjavík


+354 510 7100