A conference with Icelandic companies in the French parliament

Six Icelandic IT companies are participating in a conference in the French Parliament on September 29. The goal is to bring together public entities from France and Iceland and companies from the two countries that specialize in software solutions for the public sector.

Patrick Sigurðsson, vice-chairman of the French-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (FRÍS), says the French want to learn from the Icelanders. We have come much further than the French in the digitization of public services. Patrick hopes that business relationships will be established between Icelandic and French companies at the meeting.

In addition to French companies, members of parliament and ministers will be present at the meeting, as well as various others from the administration. Icelandic Ambassador in Paris, Unnur Orradottir Ramette, also speaks. The Icelandic companies are: Origo, Aranja, Andes, Júní, Hugsmiðjan and Norda. In addition, a representative of Digital Iceland will participate.

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