Members are Interested in Airport Constructions in Greenland and the Next Steps

Members of the Greenlandic-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce showed huge interest in the morning meeting on the 3rd of February at 10:30 GMT were Mr. Jens R Lauridsen, CEO of Kalaallit Airports Holding A/S gave a good and informative presentation about the Airports Constructions in Greenland and the next steps.

Árni Gunnarsson, Chairman of GLIS chaired the meeting.

The planned construction of the airport in Qaqortoq is part of the biggest revolution in air transport in recent decades in Greenland, but construction has already begun on the extension of the runway in Nuuk and the construction of a new runway in Ilulissat, both 2,200 meters long and to be ready in autumn 2023.

When Kalaallit Airports Holding A/S (KAIR) conducted tenders related to supplying equipment to the new airports, KAIR place normal as a minimum a notification on the EUs tender portal TED.

In addition, KAIR has develop a list over potential supplier. The potential supplies will receive a notification by email about a relevant tender. They will not receive emails about all KAIRs tenders. The list is continuously developed, and KAIR welcomes companies to be added to the list.

If companies wish to be added to KAIRs list over potential suppliers, they can contact KAIR by email to the following email address:  

You can find pictures from the meeting here.

You can see Visualization of Nuuk International Airport here.

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