Investment in the Arctic – Open to all?

October 20th from 11:30 - 12:30
Silfurberg A - Harpa Second Level

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At the session The Bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Iceland in cooperation with the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce will focus on Investments in the Arctic – Open to all?

Responsible business and sustainable economic development is of importance to all modern business societies as well as market accessibility, mutual benefits and commercial opportunities in the Arctic.

The members of the chambers in Iceland represent a wide range of businesses operating in the arctic and their broad interest across business sectors and countries ensures inclusive and sustainable business approach.

The focus of the session is on natural business relations between the Arctic and Asia, where mutual interest and benefits meet with investment opportunities and infrastructure build-up in the Artic States. Don’t miss out on this exceptional session which will give a deep and important insight into future business in the Arctic area.

Moderator – Q&A

Mrs. Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR, Co-Founder & Co-director, Arctic Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School.

Mr. Heiðar GUDJONSSON, Chairman of the Icelandic Arctic Chamber of Commerce

Mutual Benefits – How Asia and the Arctic are excellent business partners

Heidar Gudjonsson is the managing director of Ursus and chairman of the board of Syn, the largest media and telecommunications company in Iceland. Heidar founded Eykon Energy, an oil exploration company and is the chairman of the board. He also founded the first infrastructure investment fund in the Arctic. Gudjonsson is the vice chair of the second largest utility in Iceland, HS Veitur. He is the chairman of the Icelandic Arctic Chamber of Commerce, vice chair of the Arctic Economic Council and serves on the advisory board of the Arctic Circle.  Gudjonsson is the author of the “Arctic Push: Iceland and the Opportunities” (2013) a bestseller in Iceland.

Mr. Svend HARDENBERG, Founder and Chairman of Greenland Invest

Infrastructure and investments – opportunities in the coming years

Svend Hardenberg is the chairman of Greenland Invest, a project development company operating in Greenland. he's participating in a broad variety of sectors, such as: Renewable energy, mineral water, bulk water, aluminum production, crypto currency & block chain etc. 

He's background is Airline, Utilities, Telecommunications, Consultancies, Municipal Leadership, Government Administration and are now a multiple start up entrepreneur.

He's all about infrastructure: As the CEO of the national energy company he expanded one hydropower facility, commissioned two new ones and finalized a third one. He also implemented distant metering on all utilities (water, electricity and heating) in the whole country, as the first country in the world. As vice-chairman in the board of Tele Greenland he participated in the subsea data cable project, connecting Greenland to the rest of the world, and as Permanent Secretary at the Premier's Office he commissioned the new deep-water port in Nuuk, to secure a more efficient shipping system in the North Atlantic.

Louis Mead TREADWELL II, American businessman and politician

Arctic Investments 

Louis Mead Treadwell II is an American businessman and politician who served as the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Alaska from 2010 to 2014. Treadwell is the former Chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission serving from 2006 to 2010. He is a member of the Republican Party and was a candidate for the 2014 U.S. Senate election in Alaska.

Treadwell attended Harvard University and graduated with his Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 1982.After that, he was hired by Hickel's business company, Yukon Pacific Corporation, where he worked as Treasurer and later Vice President. Yukon Pacific was founded to investigate the possibility of building a trans-Alaska gas pipeline. Eventually Yukon Pacific was purchased by CSX in 1989.

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