Nordic Business Forum

The Ambassador of Iceland Mr. Stefan Johannesson was one of the speakers at the Nordic Business Forum in London 19th September 2018. Mr. Johannesson talked about the transformation of the Icelandic economy from the time of the crisis until today. He explained that Iceland was the first advanced economy to experience the full force of the 2008 global financial crisis and how Iceland managed to get through the recession faster than many other countries. He also talked about how the fall in real exchange rate helped with export and the tourist industry.

Other speakers at Nordic Business Forum were:

LAURENT PONCET, Head of Business Model Innovation at Equinor

MICHAEL CLARK, Client Director with Mannaz

CORMAC WHELAN, CEO for the UK & Ireland at Nokia

ULRIKA AXELSSON, Partner at Centigo

ELISABETH BRAW, Associate Fellow at RUSI - moderator


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